WOEA Officers and Staff

WOEA President, Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia M. Rodriguez
Coldwater T.O.
Term: 9/1/15 - 8/31/17
WOEA Vice President, Ella Isaac
Vice President
Ella Jordan Isaac
Trotwood Madison E.A.
Term: 9/1/15 - 8/31/17

Joyce Coney-Lacy
Mad River E.A.
Term: 9/1/14 - 8/31/17
Nola Brooks
Nola Brooks
Xenia E.S.P.
WOEA Past President, Valerie Roldan
Past President
Valerie Roldan
Dayton E.A.
Kim McGinness Honeycutt
Office Manager
Kim Honeycutt

Congratulations to Sophia Rodriguez!Sophia M. Rodriguez wins NEA Director 2 position
At the OEA Representative Assembly in Columbus, Delegates voted to elect Sophia Rodriguez to the position of NEA Director 2. This position was recently vacated by Janifer Trowles, who retired. Sophia will start her duties with this position immediately. She will be our voice in Washington!


WOEA Nominations/Letters of Intent for
Elections at the 2016 Spring R.A.

WOEA Positions with Expiring Terms 2016
Officers (2 year term):
Vice President

WOEA Board of Directors (3 year term)
WOEA Area 1, Area 3, Area 5

OEA Board of Directors (3 year term)
WOEA Unit 1 (to fill an unexpired term ending August 31, 2018)
WOEA Unit 2
WOEA Unit 3
This position requires an OEA Declaration of Candidacy available from OEA. Email Carol Price at PriceC@ohea.org. Please follow all instructions and dates carefully.

WOEA members interested in serving in any of these capacities should submit a letter of intent to the WOEA office by March 1, 2016 in order to appear on the ballot at the Spring R.A.

Download WOEA Letter of Intent

OAESP Conference Scholarships
Save the date for Saturday, February 27, 2016 for the OAESP Statewide Conference to be held at OEA Headquarters. Registration will open January 4th. Apply for a WOEA Scholarship today!


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